• Registered Nurse

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    Salary: $75.00 per hour

    Minimum Education: Some College

    Job #2305773029

    Qualification Requirements
    All Temporary/Relief Registered Nurses (RN) assigned to CDCR must have the minimum experience outlined below:

    1. Twelve (6) continuous months of experience within the last year performing services similar in scope to those defined herein in a public or private institution. Internship does not count toward the required experience. Clinical competencies must be current.
    2. Specialty Services: In addition to the above requirements, Temporary/Relief RNs that are requested to work in a specialized area such as Specialty Services, Emergency Department, Inpatient Care and Obstetrics shall also have at least one (1) year of experience within the last three (3) years providing patient care within that setting and possess any required certificates. Clinical competencies must be current and provided to the Institution/Facility prior to the Temporary/Relief RNs being assigned.
    3. Possess and maintain while providing services to CDCR a current and valid license as RN issued by the California Board of Registered Nursing.
    4. Possess current Basic Life Support (BLS) certification from an American Heart Association Provider or American Red Cross (with AED);
    5. All Temporary/Relief RNs must have documentation of completion of a competency validation process meeting the requirements of Title 22, Section 70016 or Section 70016.1 prior to performing the duties described herein.
    6. Each Temporary/Relief Temporary/Relief RN shall be in compliance with 8 CCR 5199 standards for both current N95 and Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) medical clearance and annual general respiratory protection training which is to include a request to repeat PLHCP clearance if they develop 1) marked immunocomprompromise or pregnancy which might require great respiratory protection than N95s provide or 2) a health condition which might limit N95 or PAPR use and completion of the annual 8 CCR 5199 Appendix G questionnaire.
    7. Temporary/Relief Temporary/Relief RNs providing services to the CDCR must be proficient in the English language and be able to communicate effectively with the CDCR/CCHCS. All Temporary/Relief RNs must be able to speak, understand oral and written communication and write effectively in the English language. Any Temporary/Relief RN who fails to meet the minimum qualifications shall not be permitted to perform services.
    Service Delivery Requirements
    Under the direction of the Institution's CEO/CNE or designee, Temporary/Relief Nurse RN shall provide services as permitted within the scope of practice for Registered Nurse in accordance with Institution/Facility policies and procedures. Duties/Responsibilities shall include, but are not limited to:
    a. Plan and implement nursing care including the administration of medication, therapeutic agents, treatments and disease prevention, orders by the physician, and obtain specimens for diagnostic testing;
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    Job Description Registered Nurse - MRN
    b. Participate as a member of the Inter-disciplinary team in developing multi-disciplinary treatment efforts; assist physicians with medical or minor surgical procedures, and prepare records and other reports;
    c. Provide observation, ongoing patient/youth assessments, and therapeutic intervention consistent with the patient/youth physical and psychological status; evaluate effectiveness of patient/youth treatment regimens and record progress;
    d. Document all nursing activities in medical records, including an initial nursing assessment, treatment interventions, and patient/youth education; and
    e. Ensure a safe therapeutic environment for the patient/youth and staff; maintain order; and supervise the conduct of patient/

    Company Description:

    We are Ava Med Workforce. We are a Health Care Provider Company for the State of California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. We recruit Healthcare professionals to meet their Medical and Mental Health programming needs. We offer competitive rates and a unique satisfying experience serving our community as well as our prison population.


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