• Construction Superintendent

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  • Summary

    The Engineering Technician Level IV will assist NAVFAC field offices on matters relating to Construction Quality Assurance and Project Management on projects assigned.


    • Function as a team member on assigned construction projects.

    • Represent the FEAD/ROICC at the construction site and monitor the construction Contractor Quality Control (CQC) to assure they are achieving quality work

    • Attend and participate in all construction and CQC meetings.

    • Monitor construction contractor performance for compliance with approved safety plan and established safety procedures.

    • Assure job Activity Hazard Analysis (AHA) has been prepared, reviewed, and accepted prior to preparat ory inspection.

    • Monitor and notify Project Superintendent or QC Manager and Government Staff immediately of safety violations.

    • Notify the Government Construction Manager (CM), Contracting Officer (KO), and the FEAD/ROICC if the Contractor does not correct a hazardous working condition or a continuing safety issue in a timely or acceptable manner.

    • Report all accidents immediately to the Construction Manager, FEAD/ROICC office and Contracting Officers.

    • Review construction plans and specifications with thorough knowledge of the construction contract requirements on each definable feature of work and recommend changes or corrective action as necessary.

    • Notify CM and KO of any situation that may result in a construction contract dispute, modification, or require a stop work order to be issued to the construction contractor.

    • Investigate/inspect/perform Quality Assurance of the construction contract/CQC system and coordinate resolution of technical problems.

    • Prepare an inspection report each day the site is visited, and QA activities are performed.

    • Ensure that the construction contractor maintains control over the project site until the facility is transferred to the Client by DD Form 1354, Transfer and Acquisition of Military Real Property.

    • Prepare briefings and correspondence when requested by the FEAD/ROICC/CM.

    • Assure that the construction contractor and all subcontractors comply with inspection requirements, schedules and control methods, perform required tests, and ensure the CQC system is effective.

    • Interpret contract documents and determine whether construction meets contract requirements and report concerns to the CM, FEAD/ROICC and the KO for resolution.

    • Recommend changes in designs, specifications and schedules to accommodate conditions at the construction site or to expedite construction.

    • Review contractor's submittal's for compliance with contract documents and coordinate with other project team members.

    • Assure that contractor's Quality Control reports and test results are timely and review them for accuracy and/or completeness and maintain records of the CQC reports.

    • Review and verify all requests for progress payments accurately represent work satisfactorily completed by the construction contractor.

    • Review the updated construction progress schedule with the progress payment to verify the schedule is accurate and, if necessary, identify corrective action to regain schedule.

    • Schedule and conduct joint pre-final and final inspections of the work to ensure construction is free of any contract deficiencies.

    • Maintain a status listing of any deficiencies outstanding at the time of turnover.

    • Monitor correction of deficiencies.

    • Provide input to the CM concerning the construction contractor's performance at the end of the project in a written and signed report

    • Other duties as assigned


    • High School Diploma/GED required

    • 10+ years' experience as an engineering technician, superintendent or QC Manager.

    • Knowledge and experience with applicable Codes and Industry Standards

    • Secret Clearance

    Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

    • Thoroughly familiar with QC inspection tools, techniques and methodologies

    • Knowledge of principles of construction technology and construction industry practices

    • Knowledge of EM 385-1-1, US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Safety and Health Requirements Manual.

    • Ability to prepare cost estimates and assist in negotiations of change orders when requested.

    • Ability to communicate effectively through oral and written presentations.

    • Ability to take measurements and estimate construction progress.

    • Ability to interpret plans and specifications.

    • Strong knowledge of computer operations and software applications such as MS office and construction management software such as Newforma and Prolog

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